3rd – Henry E. Day

Deputy at age 32 years
October 9, 1874 – month, day, and year unconfirmed
Duration of Supreme Council Tenure: unconfirmed

Born: 1842 – Died: 1915
Life span: 73 years
Occupation: Special Agent in the Claims Department of the Florida East Coast Railway

Progress in Scottish Rite Masonry:
– 4°-32°: month, day, year, place and by whom Degrees were communicated unconfirmed. 
– KCCH: month, day, and year unconfirmed; 33°, IGH: month, day, and year unconfirmed; Deputy: October 9, 1874 – month, day, and year unconfirmed. 

Scottish Rite Bodies created during tenure: 
– 1874, April 13 – Montgomery Lodge of Perfection, Montgomery.  

Scottish Rite Biography: 

From the Report of Ill. Frederick Webber, 33°, Sovereign Grand Inspector General for Kentucky: …In Montgomery I became acquainted with several of the members of the Lodge of Perfection organized there by Ill. Bro. Day, which had become dormant since he moved to Florida. 


– Note. Transactions. 1878:104. 

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